Games of the 6 Olympiad,1916 - did not held
CityBerlin, Germany
  • Olympic Games 1916 were scheduled to be held in Berlin, Germany.
  • The other candidate cities were Alexandria, Egypt and Budapest, Hungary.
  • Olympic games 1916 were canceled because of the First World War.

Games of the 6 Olympiad,1916 - did not held - Some interesting facts
  • Everything was ready for the Olympic Games in Berlin, Gemany in 1916.
  • The German government has allocated a huge sum for preparation and conduct of 300,000 DM and in 1913, the new 64,000-seat Olympic Stadium was built.
  • But in 1916, Olympic games were not held, World War I caused the Olympics to be canceled.
  • In 1916, the IOC made ​​the decision to perpetuate the number of the Berlin Olympic Games in history. "Even if the Games did not take place, their number still remains" - said Pierre de Coubertin.
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