Games of the 13 Olympiad,1944 - did not held
CityLondon, Great Britain
  • Olympic Games 1944 were scheduled to be held in London, United Kingdom.
  • The other candidate cities were Detroit, USA, Lausanne, Switzerland and Rome, Italy.
  • Has been canceled because of the Second World War.

Games of the 13 Olympiad,1944 - did not held - Some interesting facts
  • London, United Kingdom was elected as host city in June 1939, two months before World War II started.
  • Games of the 13 Olympiad in 1944 would have celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Modern Olympiad, but World War II caused the Olympics to be canceled.
  • In spite of the war, the IOC organized a small celebratory sporting competition in Lausanne from 17 June to 19 June 1944.