40 years after competing in Los Angeles, Venezuelan shooter returns to the Olympics at age 60, 2024 April 12
It's been a while - 40 years to be exact - since Venezuelan trap shooter Leonel Martinez last competed at the Olympics.
$50K Olympic track prize the latest in a long, conflicted relationship between athletes and money, 2024 April 11
Since the day they were founded, the Olympics have had a confusing relationship with money. The games were supposed to celebrate sport for sport's sake. But the price athletes paid to be any good was far too high, and it took virtually no time for the concept of amateurism that the Olympics rested on to be viewed as unrealistic, if not an all-out ruse.
Breakaway body World Boxing in talks with up to 30 new members as it seeks to run 2028 Olympic event, 2024 April 11
Breakaway governing body World Boxing says it is holding talks with 25 to 30 prospective new member nations as it seeks to be the International Olympic Committee's preferred partner to run boxing tournaments at the Los Angeles Games in 2028.
Going for green: Olympic gold medalists will get cash prizes, 2024 April 11
World Athletics, the international governing body for track and field, will pay $50,000 to the gold medalists for its events.
Italian wrestler Chamizo claims he rejected $300,000 bribe to throw a match he controversially lost, 2024 April 11
Two-time world champion and Olympic bronze medalist Frank Chamizo claimed he turned down a bribe of $300,000 to deliberately lose a match at last week's European wrestling Olympic qualification tournament in Baku, Azerbaijan.
WNBA prepares for the Caitlin Clark Effect, 2024 April 10
Already, WNBA teams are preparing for the arrival of a player many predict will elevate the league to unprecedented heights. After all, her last college game drew more viewers than the World Series.
British gymnast Max Whitlock to retire after Paris Olympics, 2024 April 10
Three-time Olympic gold medalist Max Whitlock of Britain plans to end his gymnastics career after the Paris Games this summer.
Soon to be a 2-time Olympic host city, Salt Lake City's zest for the Games is now an outlier, 2024 April 10
Reminders of the 2002 Winter Olympics are nestled in every nook and cranny of Utah's capital city, from a towering Olympic cauldron that overlooks the Salt Lake Valley to an Olympic emblem stamped on manhole covers downtown.
Capitals' Carlson still going strong at age 34 a decade after Sochi Olympics, 2024 April 10
John Carlson has played more hockey than anyone in the NHL this season not named Drew Doughty, and that volume has not gone unnoticed around the league.
Track and field will pay Paris medalists prize money in Olympics first, 2024 April 10
Track and field is set to become the first sport to introduce prize money at the Olympics, with World Athletics saying Wednesday it would pay $50,000 to gold medalists in Paris.